Global Predictions Recommendation Engine

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The engine is a complex multi-layered system which provides portfolio-specific recommendations influenced by economic models

Structure of the engine

Investor’s profile
Score & recommendations

Personalized measure of a multi-asset portfolio and a number of specific recommendations on how to improve that portfolio.

Investor preferences

A set of distilled preferences that describe a given investor’s behavior, goals, and financial situation.

Portfolio management tools

Hedge fund inspired risk management and simulation tools to be able to evaluate, back-test, analyze, compare, optimize, and perform other transformations on any portfolio.

Forecasting system

The prediction framework that combines Fed-inspired economic models, statistical models, top-tier finance models, and time series machine learning models to produce 12 month forecasts for 10,000s of indexes.

Economic graph
World monitoring engine

An intelligent scanner that looks across all time series to identify anomalies, flagging them as risk or opportunity.

Time series
Economic map

A complex knowledge graph consisting of an incredibly large number of nodes and directed, weighted edges mapping out the interconnected, complex web of relationships that define the global economy.

Data infrastructure

The system that extracts, transforms, cleans, and preprocesses tens of thousands of time series across the financial industry, public health, macroeconomics, politics, and other categories.