Global Predictions Secures a Winning Spot in International M6 Financial Forecasting Competition

November 9, 2023

New York, NY - November 9, 2023 - In a significant industry nod, Global Predictions has been recognized as a winner at the international M6 Financial Forecasting Competition. The honor was received amidst tough competition, including top universities and leading AI research teams. The award ceremony and monetary prize come at the end of a 12-month long, rigorous, merit-based test of the company's advanced forecasting methodologies. The practical application of its predictive models can be experienced through PortfolioPilot, its AI Financial Advisor platform available to consumers.

The M6 Financial Forecasting Competition, organized and assessed by the Makridakis Open Forecasting Center at the University of Nicosia’s Institute for the Future, is the latest in the decade-spanning M Competitions series that have pushed the envelope of time series forecasting methods, renowned for their empirical approach to forecasting. The M6 competition tests the ability to predict market movements and to translate these predictions into actual investment returns, thereby contributing to the ongoing dialogue around the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). From February 2022 to March 2023, 160 teams (source) from around the world submitted monthly securities forecasts and investment decisions for a universe of 50 S&P 500 stocks and 50 international ETFs, covering a variety of asset categories and countries.

"As one of the winners of the M6 Competition, we've demonstrated the effectiveness of our Economic Insight Engine that powers," said Alexander Harmsen, CEO of Global Predictions. "Our success here reinforces the value we bring to self-directed investors using our platform."

The competition recognized Global Predictions for its proficiency in creating more accurate forecasts for stock and ETF returns, which can be a major benefit of the PortfolioPilot experience. Everyday investors who would like to take advantage of these model insights interactively can do so using the consumer-friendly application

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About Global Predictions:

Global Predictions develops innovative economic forecasting tools that inform and empower investors. Its consumer platform, PortfolioPilot, brings hedge fund inspired investment insights to self-directed investors, using the same award-winning models celebrated by the M6 Financial Forecasting competition.

Disclosure: Prof. Makridakis is both directly involved in the competition organization and an advisor to Global Predictions, however the results were completely merit-based and Prof. Makridakis did not help with any of the company’s competition entries. Competitors were not necessarily Registered Investment Advisors, and included individuals, corporations, and academic institutions.


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