Global Predictions’ Knowledge Graph is a dynamic, automatically updated map of the global economy

Economic series
3 Million+
Map of the global economy

At the core of the forecasts and insights that Global Predictions delivers is the GP Knowledge Graph. We have built out a map of the global economy to capture relationships, correlations, influential drivers, and hierarchies of tens of thousands of socio-economic factors that drive our world.

These mapped relationships are maintained in a hyper-dimensional knowledge graph, where nodes represent the economic series (eg. Peru Exports, France Covid Cases, Nigeria M2) and the edges represent weighted directional relationships between these series.

Updated automatically

The Knowledge Graph is updated automatically on a weekly basis by running a variety of ML algorithms, comparisons, and tests. In addition to the automatic knowledge accumulation, there are expert-chosen, procedurally generated relationships that are built through our partnerships with customers, academia, and internal team.

This model continues to improve, and serves as a long term asset for the company as we continue to model and better understand this complex world we live in.

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