Our mission:
"Reduce all external investment risk to promote growth worldwide"

Global Predictions is a deep-tech company that has built a digital twin of the economy to make unbiased forecasts into the future using hyperconnected simulations, economic modeling, diverse data streams, and machine learning. Humanity is finally at the right intersection of economic models, understanding of complex systems, machine learning, data, and access to venture capital to

build this properly. We're using 100,000s of time series from public health and stock market movements, to macroeconomics and technology trends to make 2-12 month forecasts for policy makers, multinational corporations, and actors within the financial sector. In the latest measure, the models are outperforming IMF forecasts by 34%, and the platform keeps improving.

Backed by an expert team in finance, ML/AI, economic modeling, and company-building

Madhavan Thirumalai

Madhavan Thirumalai

Madhavan has served in leadership positions in the public and private sector, including 8+ years in various software engineering executive positions at Bridgewater Associates. He additionally served as VP of Engineering and Product at Domino Data Labs, a leading enterprise ML ops company, and served as head of product and engineering for the eGovernments Foundation, whose mission is to shepherd the digital transformation of Indian Society. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of ClimateXChange, a climate policy non-profit.

Alexander Harmsen

Alexander Harmsen

Alex has a Physics & Economics background with a focus on modeling complex systems. Previously, he was CEO and Founder of Iris Automation, a deep tech autonomous vehicle software company that scaled sales internationally, where he continues to serve as Chairman. He serves as advisor to multiple AI startups, and his work has seen him produce multiple AI-modeling products, scale sales globally, hire world-class executives, manage hundreds of employees, and raise over $25M in venture capital.

Spyros Makridakis

Prof. Spyros Makridakis

Prof. Makridakis is a distinguished academic and a top expert in forecasting. He is a Professor at the University of Nicosia, director of the Institute For the Future (IFF) and the founder of the Makridakis Open Forecasting Center (MOFC). He is an Emeritus Professor at INSEAD and the University of Piraeus and has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by International Hellenic University. He has authored, or co-authored, twenty-eight books and more than 270 articles.

Jo Varshney

Dr. Jo Varshney

Dr. Varshney is a celebrated leader in the application of AI models to complex and scaled systems. She earned a PhD in comparative oncology and genomics, she holds numerous publications, patents, and has led academic & commercial research at the intersection of predictive modeling and Machine Learning. She has served as Founder and CEO of a VeriSIM, a computational pharmacology company, has led M&A initiatives, and currently serves as Bay Area network leader for Village Global.

Ash Patel

Ash Patel

Ash is an expert in scaling data infrastructure and products. He was one of the first engineers at Yahoo! and scaled the company’s infrastructure and products to handle hundreds of millions of users and their data, including building out Yahoo! Finance. Most recently, he served as the company’s Chief Product Officer and EVP of Product Architecture and Strategy. He has served as an investor and advisor to dozens of tech companies.

Charles Goodwin

Charles Goodwin

Charles has 20+ years of experience helping startups and Fortune 500 companies leverage data and analytics to drive insights and improve decision making. Most recently, he was a COO at the hedge funds Point72 and Bridgewater Associates. Previously at IBM, he worked with the largest financial institutions around data, analytics, and technology. Additionally, Charles has helped numerous companies navigate the 0 to 1 startup journey as an operating executive, an advisor, a board member, and an investor.

Luke Janssen

Loek Janssen

Loek’s expertise sits at the intersection of data and fintech, and has successfully brought fintech products to the global market as the founder and CTO of Nova Credit, a private company with over $70m in venture financing. Loek holds an MSc in Computational Mathematics and Engineering from Stanford and has studied econometrics and Quantitative Economics at the London School of Economics.

Jeremy Yap

Jeremy Yap

Jeremy is a trained financial engineer who was in charge of running multiple derivative trading desks at Merrill Lynch. He is an active investor and seasoned board leader and applies his diverse financial acumen at Global Predictions.

Our approach

Our Approach: Transparency and interconnectedness

Transparency & Interconnectedness
to avoid knowledge silos

Our Approach: Data driven processes

Data-driven processes
focused on accuracy

Our Approach: Broad, well-engineered infrastructure

Broad, well-engineered infrastructure
to allow for systemic scale

Our Approach: focus on timeless and fundamental truths

Focus on timeless and fundamental truths
of the global economy

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