Wall St joins forces with Silicon Valley: Reid Hartman (ex-Bridgewater) joins Global Predictions as Co-founder and Head of Quantitative Economics

November 18, 2021

Global Predictions is delighted to announce that Reid Hartman has joined the company as Co-Founder and Head of Quantitative Economics. 

"Since starting Global Predictions, I’ve been seeking outstanding individuals to pursue our vision. Now, having laid a strong technical foundation with a solid engineering team, it’s the right time to bring on an expert with deep experience in financial products & economics to accelerate and take us to the next level,” said Alexander Harmsen, Co-Founder and CEO. 

Reid, an expert in building sophisticated investment models, joined Global Predictions in the fall of 2021. Previously, he headed model development at a New York City hedge fund that focuses on extracting fundamental insight from non-traditional datasets. Prior to that, Reid spent 5 years with Bridgewater Associates, a firm widely known for its best-in-class macroeconomic modeling. He has academic credentials in Economics and Computer Science from Dartmouth College, and holds an MBA from the London Business School. 

“When I look out at the investment landscape today, I see a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for investing against a very challenging macro backdrop, and so I’d like to take some of the tools I’ve developed through my experience and provide a product to investors of all types that helps them understand the world a little bit better,” said Reid. “Alex and I have been discussing our shared vision for financial services for some time now, and I believe our partnership will allow Global Predictions to quickly scale investment-related insights on the platform.”

Reid’s joining marks another key milestone in 2021, which has already included our Seed funding announcement and a v1 release of our consumer financial management platform. Next week we’ll be making more announcements that showcase Reid’s early impact on our company’s trajectory. Watch this space!

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