PortfolioPilot: Your Personal AI Financial Adviser

March 18, 2024

Note: our use of the term AI refers to all artificial intelligence models used including large language models, proprietary economic models that incorporate regression or dynamic factors, and machine learning methods like supervised learning.

Society is entering a new age of AI, and with it comes a whole new set of rules. At Global Predictions, we think there is an incredible opportunity to build a better financial adviser, one that goes beyond standard portfolios and has:

  • Low costs,
  • Fiduciary duty,
  • Truly personalized advice,
  • Portfolio-specific insights,
  • 24/7 availability,
  • Access to updated financial data,
  • Answers to basic (and advanced) investing questions

When we received regulatory approval as a Registered Investment Advice in August 2023, we launched our paid subscription program for starting at a flat fee of only $29/mo for access to personalized recommendations. Finally, real financial advice, personalized to your portfolio and preferences, guided by hedge fund inspired economic models!

In 2023, we announced our offering as the “First regulated AI financial adviser” to differentiate ourselves from Robo-Advisers and human financial advisers. We imagined “AI financial adviser” as a new category of companies that directly competes with the $200B+ human adviser market1. Acknowledging the importance of precise and responsible communication, we have refined our description to more accurately reflect our unique value proposition:

“Your personal AI financial adviser”

To break that down:

Personalization is so incredibly important to us, as every single client has a unique financial situation, worldview, goals, and preferences. The system takes into account your full net worth including real estate, country of residence, investing goals, dividend preferences, risk tolerance, recommendation choices, investing frequency, and more to calibrate your financial assessment.

Intelligence is at the heart of Global Predictions, as our financial advice uses a proprietary Recommendation Engine backed by our Economic Insights model. We use a Hybrid-ML approach to generate financial analyses, and other AI models to parse, summarize, organize, and allow for easy user interaction.

Financial advice is carefully calculated and automatically verified, not simply output by a large language model like ChatGPT. There is a sophisticated portfolio scoring mechanism and hedge fund inspired models that outputs specific buy/sell recommendations to help you improve your investing strategy.

All of this is provided as part of, an easy-to-use online tool that includes:

  • 256-bit, encrypted bank-level security
  • Connections to over 12,000 crypto wallets, banks, and brokerages
  • Support for real estate, retirement accounts, cash, crypto, and private equity
  • AI assistant to answer your investment questions
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Macro & portfolio-specific insights
  • And much more…

1. “From tailwinds to crosscurrents: Resilient growth in wealth management”, McKinsey & Company, January 25, 2023

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