Introducing PortfolioPilot Insights

March 1, 2023

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of PortfolioPilot Insights, a feed of essential macroeconomic insights that empowers you to make better investment decisions with increased confidence.

As professional investors already know, paying attention to macro events, trends, and anomalies is essential to investing well. We are excited to provide self-directed investors with easily digestible, impartial information that illuminates what is truly important about economic developments, tailored to your individual needs.

Our commercial-grade, proprietary engine sifts through millions of macroeconomic trends to automatically generate insights sorted by relevance. The insights generated are the highlights of macro updates or events that have taken place the week prior. With the global economy always changing, we believe reviewing the top 5 insights weekly will make you a more well-informed investor. We hope you value them and browse further and dive deeper into what is happening around the world.

While no sign-up is necessary to access the insights feed, if you do choose to register and link your portfolio, the feed will become personalized to your unique situation. It considers your geographical region, investment preferences, and securities in your portfolio. As time goes on, the platform will learn more about your portfolio and preferences, offering more sophisticated and personalized insights. 

What types of insights will you see?

Insights include weekly updates, economic trends, market reactions to macro events, anomalies, upcoming stat releases, and forecast updates - all produced automatically from our economic monitoring and forecasting engine.

  • Forecast Updates: Based on our proprietary Global Predictions forecasting and modeling engine, get insights into how areas of the economy are expected to perform vs. the market.
  • Upcoming Stat Releases: Get data-driven forecasts ahead of important, forthcoming economic releases (e.g. unemployment, consumer price index, etc.)
  • Anomalies: Discover interesting and unexpected fluctuations throughout the economy as Global Predictions continuously monitors millions of datasets and relationships.
  • Macro Market Updates: Stay up-to-date on macro events with a recap of what happened last week and how the market responded.

Each insight is self-contained, data-driven, and fully interactive - to differentiate it from "newsy" feeds. The Interest Score is calculated based on:

  • Timeliness, where more recent events (based on when the data was released and how lagged the underlying data is) are weighted higher than distant ones 
  • Magnitude, where bigger changes are more significant than small ones
  • Relevance, in terms of the global economy and the typical user, for example, US GDP is weighted higher than French Building Permits.

To help us to better understand which insights are most helpful, and to make the product even more compelling, please indicate your preference by giving a thumbs up or down to the insights on your feed.

Our goal is to inspire everyday investors to become more confident and self-directed with the help of our intuitive, free products and insights, which have traditionally only been available to industry professionals.

We are dedicated to improving the product every day, so please explore PortfolioPilot Insights, and share your thoughts and feedback! As always, reach out to us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or through our support email.

To see what Global Predictions can do for you and your portfolio, sign up for free today