Introducing PortfolioPilot AI Assistant Powered by Hedge Fund-Caliber Financial Models

June 21, 2023

Today we launched of PortfolioPilot AI Assistant, a groundbreaking addition to our suite of investment solutions on the path to becoming the world’s first regulated AI financial advisor. This innovative tool seamlessly integrates questions, research, and insights into a user-friendly platform, providing personalized guidance that makes recommendations to investors as they analyze and seek to enhance their portfolios.

With PortfolioPilot AI Assistant, investors can make informed decisions and gain complete autonomy in their investment journey, replacing most of the need for a traditional financial advisor.  Throughout our journey to democratize access to professional insights and tools, we've empowered over 11,000 active users with $5.8B of assets on the platform to make better decisions and improve their net worth. 

“We are thrilled to introduce PortfolioPilot AI Assistant, which represents a giant leap forward in our commitment to empowering self-directed investors,” said Alexander Harmsen, CEO and Founder at Global Predictions. “With this innovative tool, we are providing investors with a comprehensive AI-driven solution that enables them to make well-informed investment decisions without the need for a traditional financial advisor.”

At the heart of Global Predictions' vision lies the Global Predictions Economic Insights Engine, a cutting-edge digital twin of the economy that facilitates anomaly detection and delivers unbiased forecasts into the future. This sophisticated engine harnesses hyperconnected simulations, economic modeling, diverse data streams, and machine learning to power tools that were once reserved for large financial institutions.

“This powerful tool puts a wealth of information directly in users’ hands, providing access to real-time research, valuable insights, and personalized support as they improve their net worth,” said Harmsen. “We are committed to empowering investors with complete investment freedom and the ability to cultivate their financial independence."

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