Inflation forecasts from Global Predictions now available on

September 22, 2021

Global Predictions is pleased to announce a partnership with Quiver Quantitative, a leading provider of alternative data for retail investors. The first outcome of this partnership is an inflation dashboard, now live on the Quiver Quantitative site. The dashboard compares inflation forecasts from Global Predictions with those from the IMF, and underscores the lack of consensus on the impact of inflation on the countries comprising the global economy over the next quarter and into 2022.

“Global Predictions is excited to expand our data partnerships with emergent and established brands,” said Global Predictions founder and CEO Alexander Harmsen. “Quiver Quantitative has a mission very aligned with Global Predictions - to put better data tools into the hands of all investors, particularly data hungry retail investors.”

Quiver Quantitative is an American software company that has gained a niche following via social media sites like Reddit, and has over two hundred thousand monthly visitors and tens of thousands of consumer accounts. “We’re excited for this partnership and what it has to offer our users, and the new avenues for user value we can explore together.” said James Kardatzke, CEO and Founder of Quiver Quantitative.

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