Global Predictions: now available in Canada!

June 28, 2022

We’re delighted to announce that our flagship portfolio optimization product is now available to everyday Canadians as part of a large Global Predictions expansion.

As we’ve been building PortfolioPilot with a predominantly American user base (with over $700M assets on platform!), we’ve had many requests from Canadians who, like our American users, often have accounts with many brokerages and banks. Canadians are also big on real estate, with homeownership rates as high as 68%. We knew we had something to offer Canadians, and now we’re able to offer the full PortfolioPilot experience.

We’ve talked to many Canadians, and unfortunately there’s a disconnect between how they manage their investments and the relatively shallow pool of Canadian fintech available to help them. A big motivator for us to bring PortfolioPilot to Canadians was to overcome the challenges posed by having multiple investment accounts, substantial equity in real estate, and securities in both Canada and the US. We can support Canadians by providing them visibility to the full picture and connecting the specifics of all their entire portfolio to the current macroeconomic conditions. Canadians also deserve a data-driven approach to better investing.

With this Canadian launch, we’ve partnered with Questrade and Passiv to offer streamlined integrations. That means that users of Questrade, Wealthsimple, and other Canadian brokerages can seamlessly and securely link their accounts to PortfolioPilot, including their RRSPs and TFSAs (tax privileged accounts), and see all their investments, including the equity in their homes, in one place, in Canadian dollars. We’ve also added comprehensive coverage for Canadian securities, including Canadians equities and ETFs.

We’re confident that Canadians will be able to take full advantage of PortfolioPilot out the gate. As our founder Alexander Harmsen said, “As a Canadian myself, it's always been frustrating that our neighbours to the south had such drastically better access to investments, tools, and analytics. I’m really excited that Global Predictions can now support Canadians to enhance their financial well being.”

This launch is doubly exciting as it uses a new service from Global Predictions’ partner Passiv, who have launched SnapTrade. SnapTrade is behind many of our integrations with Canadian brokerages and will ensure smooth onboarding for Canadian clients.

We’re excited for Global Predictions PortfolioPilot to help Canadian self-directed investors feel more confident managing their portfolios, across asset classes, during these dynamic times.

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