Global Predictions launches GP Portal v2: Personalized Recommendations, Auto-Optimization and Enhanced Risk Management

November 23, 2021

Important note: Specific investments described herein do not represent all investment decisions made by Global Predictions. The reader should not assume that investment decisions identified and discussed were or will be profitable. Specific investment advice references provided herein are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily representative of investments that will be made in the future.

Today we launch v2 of the Global Predictions Portal, our investment and risk management platform that allows you to see all your investments in one place. (If you haven’t already, sign up for a free account here.)

Over the last several months in beta, we’ve grown to hundreds of users, refined key features, and now have redesigned the backend from the ground up. For long-time users, this will really look like a new product -- the design is more streamlined, actions are more intuitive, and it's faster to get value from the platform.

As part of this rebuild, we’ve focused on three key elements of our platform: Personalized Recommendations, Portfolio Optimization (through grading and reweighting), and Crisis Simulation. 

As a reminder, Global Predictions really starts when you link your investment account(s) securely via Plaid. From there, we give your portfolio a grade, from a stellar A+ through to an F “needs improvement”. Portfolio grades give users a quick snapshot of the quality of their current portfolio (diversification, risk, expected returns). and segues nicely to our new and enhanced automated recommendations. 

Now with v2, we can give you recommendations of new products or portfolio optimizations to enhance your Global Predictions portfolio grade. 

Personalized Recommendations: Based on your portfolio and risk tolerance, we recommend products that diversify your portfolio and enhance your grade. You can build a mock portfolio and export an execution list so you can make the changes easily within your brokerage account. (Global Predictions is always “read only”; only you can make changes to your investments.) 

Portfolio Optimization: Our new optimizer looks at allocation among your existing portfolio, and aims to improve your Sharpe Ratio through reweighting. The optimizer doesn’t introduce new products, it simply adjusts the weights of what you have for a better risk-adjusted expected return and and improved risk management (as measured by the Sharpe Ratio). Doing this improves your grade and helps manage risk among products already in your portfolio. 

Crisis Simulation: You can now simulate how your portfolio would fare in big economic events like the 2008 financial crisis.* (*We know you probably have stocks that weren’t available then, so we create a portfolio with similar allocation by country, sector and asset class.) 

This is all in addition to a redesigned Economic Exploration section you can easily toggle to. Economic exploration is where you can really feel the magnitude of Global Predictions’ models and get a feel for the complex interactions between factors that shape your investment returns. If you’re keen to dig into data, untangle models and test your own investment theses, this section is more crisply designed and easier to navigate. 

We hope these changes enhance your experience with Global Predictions. We’re just getting started and always open to feedback and suggestions for improvement.

To see what Global Predictions can do for you and your portfolio, sign up for free today