Announcing PortfolioPilot! Intelligent Portfolio Management Platform for Self-Directed Investors

November 15, 2022

This past year has been transformational at Global Predictions as we’ve been building and iterating to get to this point. Reid and I have seen what was possible in institutional investing, with incredible tools, models, and insights available for top-tier hedge funds and banks. We were frustrated with the lack of access for millions of people managing their own money who were often left with the short end of the stick.

PortfolioPilot, the a differentiated, free, intelligent portfolio management platform, was born to bring these incredible insights to individuals in an easy-to-use, modern product to level the playing field. 

With close to $1 billion of assets on the platform already, PorfolioPilot provides a singular view of an individual’s multi-asset portfolio. The platform allows users to get a quick understanding of their entire portfolio’s performance and find ways to seek improvements that can increase their risk-adjusted returns. The three most popular features are: 

  • Portfolio Score is a quick measure of how your portfolio is doing. This score combines your personal investment preferences, risk & returns, and macro exposure as a guide for portfolio improvement. 
  • Portfolio Optimizer is an easy-to-use, powerful tool to reweight your portfolio to aim to optimize your risk-adjusted returns with just a click.
  • Automated Recommendations are personalized to your portfolio and powered by our Macro Insights and Recommendation engine. 

Our mission is to empower self-directed investors to feel more confident in their investment strategy. Along with building confidence for our users, it’s also important they trust our platform. Not just from a data security perspective but by the insights and data PortfolioPilot provides them to improve their risk-adjusted returns.

To our early users, we thank you for the continued feedback provided through user sessions, 1:1 interviews, and surveys. To those who are new to PortfolioPilot, we encourage you to sign-up for free and start becoming a more confident investor. 

Happy investing!

Alex & the GP team

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