Use hedge fund calibre models to take control of your portfolio

Global Predictions synthesizes over 50,000 data streams and monitors the securities and indexes you are invested in, pointing out relevant information and changes automatically. Simply build or import your portfolio to access streamlined visualizations of historical performance, future projections and anomaly detection & alerts.

Portfolio tracking

Build or import a portfolio from over 12,000 tracked public equities, bonds, ETFs, and commodities

See historical and model-predicted future portfolio performance

Expected portfolio performance
Visualize portfolio breakdown and underlying correlated drivers

Visualize portfolio breakdown and expose underlying concentrated factors to correct

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Get automatic portfolio suggestions to increase ROI and decrease risk through diversification

Automatic suggestions for portfolio improvement
Dashboard to monitor global macroeconomic indicators

Use the dashboard to monitor critical economic movements

Anticipate and understand risk of downturns globally

Downturn prediction globally
FX global currency forecasting

Monitor global currencies to understand FX risks

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