Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand Global Predictions products and motivations.

What is Global Predictions?
How can I start using the Portfolio Management tool?
How does Global Predictions’ Portfolio Management system help me?
Why is the Global Predictions model succeeding where many others have failed?
Why are you building Global Predictions?
Why is Global Predictions free for individual investors?
Does the usefulness of the models, data, insights, or forecasts decrease if more people have access to them?
How do I import my investments?
Why do I need to connect my account to get investment insights?
How does Global Predictions keep my data secure?
How can I improve my portfolio?
What does Global Predictions do with my data?
How do I import my Interactive Brokers portfolio?
Can I add my Charles Schwab account?
How do I connect my Fidelity Investments account?
How do I add a TD Ameritrade account to my portfolio?
What are Draft Portfolios?
What is the Portfolio Management system?
What is the portfolio score?
How do I optimize the weighting of my portfolio?
What are Global Predictions’ simulations?
If Global Predictions has investable insights, why don’t you run a hedge fund?
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