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"I love the automatic, personalized recommendations to improve my portfolio score. Global Predictions helps me feel more confident about managing the investments I've accumulated over 10 years across all my different investment accounts." - Melinda J.

Let us bring order and understanding to a seemingly chaotic global economy

Non-linear, complex relationships that define the financial system wreak havoc on the best intentioned and seemingly diversified investment strategies. Our models and tools help you navigate interconnected dependencies, financial crises, global risks, and more.

2008 financial crisis


Great Recession
2015 Greece Eurozone crisis


Eurozone crisis
2019 COVID-19 pandemic


Covid-19 Crash

Our model monitors the world for you

Greater predictive power is necessary for investors to navigate an uncertain global reality. We've come up with a set of tools and solutions driven by the Global Predictions recommendation engine.

Data series exploration
53,000 Data series

53,000 data series across public health, macroeconomics, demographics, technology trends, elections, financial markets updated weekly.

Computation time icon
29 Hours of computation

29 hours of computation required across a cloud-based cluster to run all simulations, forecasts, and Monte Carlo simulations.

High accuracy models
34% Better Accuracy

34% improvement accuracy compared to other commercially available models calculated using a bias removed back-testing engine.

Massive knowledge graph capturing complex economic relationships
2.1 Million relationships

2.1 million directional, weighted relationships exist in the GP Knowledge Graph mapping out the economy using a mix of procedural and automated tools.

High forecasting performance

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