Economic forecasting using the world's largest macro model

Global Prediction’s platform lets you draw on hundreds of models and thousands of data sets to accurately forecast macroeconomic trends, interest rates, market indexes, elections and more.

Make the most informed choices in whatever domain you're navigating

Explore over 50,000 time series from around the world and understand what drives each macro indicator
Use the dashboard to monitor critical economic movements

Overall expected performance

Anticipate and understand risk of downturns globally
Downturn Risk


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For academics, macroeconomists, and other curious individuals looking to explore the global economy and better understand complex relationships.


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  • Full data access to 50,000+ time series
  • Relationship mapping of influential drivers
  • Economic anomaly detection
  • Downturn predictions
  • Customizable dashboard of indicators

Economic consultation

For governments, corporations, and other organizations focused on forward-looking modeling and minimizing external risks.


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  • Customizable dashboard for visualization
  • Targeted economic anomaly detection
  • Dedicated project lead
  • Proprietary data/model integration
  • Economy exploration & explanations
  • Global scenario modeling